After education and an extended military service in the Royal Netherlands Navy, joined ABN Bank. Postings in Africa, Japan and North America followed a brief period of training in the Netherlands. After completing a second posting to Japan, decided to leave the bank and to establish a consultancy providing intermediary services to Japanese and European companies.

Intending to spend more time on personal interests, I decided in 2019 to move to Joetsu (Niigata prefecture). Surrounded by mountains, located in a plain that produces significant quantities of the prefecture’s famous Koshihikari rice. In addition, beautiful beaches, lots of greenery for most of the year and great fish. But most of all, very clean air, lots of space and nice people.

Personal interests include photography and researching the activities of ABN Bank’s predecessor in Japan, the Netherlands Trading Society, in the 2nd half of the 19th century.

It also includes writing a blog about people and events in Joetsu: https://joetsu-stories.jp

Willem Kortekaas

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